Tuesday, August 4: ROADS CLOSED

Posted on Tuesday August 04, 2020
Horsham Township Roads Closed Due to Flooding.
Horsham Township Roads Blocked Off Due to Flooding:
Welsh Rd: Between 309 & Lower State Rd (PennDOT is on site)
Lower State Rd & Limekiln Pike: Between both intersections (PennDOT notified)
Keith Valley Rd: From Davis Grove Rd to County Line Rd
McKean Rd & Goldfinch Ln to McKean Rd & Limekiln Pike
Davis Grove Rd: Babylon Rd to Willowbrook Rd
Limekiln Pike & Balmoral Way to Limekiln Pike & McKean Rd
Broadway Ave: Between Watson Ave & Moreland Ave (Tree in wires - PECO notified)
Limekiln Pike & Tennis Ave to Tennis & Talamore Dr