Fire Marshal

Mission Statement 
It is the mission of the Fire Marshal’s Office to prevent and/or reduce the incidence of fire by increasing the awareness and knowledge of the residents, visitors, and businesses of Horsham Township with regard to fire and life safety. The mission will be accomplished through fire prevention education, fire investigation, and the fire and life safety inspection program. The Fire Marshal’s Office actively participates with the community, serves as a role model, and strives to effectively utilize resources to provide safety and excellent customer service to the great Township of Horsham.

Fire Marshals Office Is Responsible For:

The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for investigating the origin and cause of all fire related events in Horsham Township. The investigations are conducted to determine whether the incident was accidental or intentional in nature and utilize this information to provide training and education to increase public safety education and decrease the risk of future events occurring.
In addition, the Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for conducting Fire and Life Safety Inspections of all existing buildings within the township with the exception of single-family homes. The Fire and Life Safety Inspections are utilized to ensure that the fire protection and safety systems in buildings are compliant with the Fire Code adopted by Horsham Township. 

Fire Prevention 

The Fire Marshal’s Office and Horsham Fire Company work together to provide fire prevention education and information to schools, businesses, and other requesting groups. In addition, the Fire Marshal’s Office and Fire Company provide training to facilities and businesses in the Township on the safe and proper method of using a fire extinguisher. 

If you would like additional information on fire prevention education or to inquire about fire extinguisher training at your facility or business please email the Fire Marshal’s Office