Road Projects

Each year the Public Works Department maintains roadways by way of annual paving projects within the Township including:
  • Roadway resurfacing – The roadway is milled out enough to replace the existing distressed base and top coat. The old roadway is then replaced with new material - a base and top coat.
  • Roadway overlay – Possibly a section or sometimes the entire roadway is recovered with new top coat material.
  • Major patching - Large portions of the roadway are cut out or milled out and replaced with new asphalt.
  • Crack sealing - The Township has been using rubberized fibrous asphalt sealant with more body to fill and seal cracks in the roadway.

During the project, your street will be open to local traffic and emergency vehicles. During the milling and paving of your street we require that all cars be parked in your driveways to assist with timely completion of your road. Due to extreme material temperatures please keep children and pets away from the road where the paving process is occurring. Please also avoid driving your vehicle on blacktop or crack sealer material to avoid damage. We will not be liable for resulting damages.

Curbs and sidewalks needing to be replaced will be marked with a white X and is the homeowner's responsibility to repair prior to the road projects. Permits and specifications can be obtained at the Code Enforcement Office located in the Township Building

Each property owner prior to the start of the projects are encouraged to check all mailboxes to ensure they are between 42” and 46” inches in height, and a minimum of 6" behind the face of the curb (or 12" off the roadway if no curb exists) which is within federal postal regulations. This will help to prevent damage to your mailbox during the milling and paving operations. If your mailbox is not placed properly and is knocked down during the paving process, the township will not be responsible for damages.

Funding for paving programs primarily come from Liquid Fuels Funding from the state and the annual Township budget. Roads are selected based on various criteria including surface condition, traffic volume and condition of underground utilities.

2021 Roadway Maintenance Program

Horsham Township will be milling and resurfacing the following streets in 2021:

·      Woodbridge Circle

·      Cheswyck Circle

·      Wexford Circle

·      Wynmere Drive

·      Rolling Glen Drive

·      Glenview Drive

·      Gregory Drive 

·      Watson Avenue

·      Washington Avenue

·      Wayne Avenue

·      Homestead Lane (611 to dead end)

Horsham Township strives to resurface its roadways every 25 to 30 years.  Age, however, is not the only factor that determines when a street is resurfaced.  It is actually one of the final factors after evaluating a road’s structural integrity, use classification, and available budget for road resurfacing activities. Streets that are in an advanced state of deterioration typically receive a higher priority over those that are in satisfactory condition.  Similarly, roadways that are more frequently traveled are considered a priority over those that receive less traffic.  The age of the road and the township’s resurfacing budget are the final factors in determining whether a street is actually paved in any given year.  The township is typically able to perform roadway maintenance activities to 3 miles of streets each year.  In 2021, 2.81 miles over roadway will be resurfaced.