Police Pension Advisory Committee

The Police Pension Advisory Committee was established in 1971. It comprises four residents, as well as the Township Manager, Chief of Police and a representative of the police officers. Its purpose is to review and advise the members of Council on proposals concerning investments and funding of all police pension monies.

Any changes in the Police pension plan are reviewed by the committee prior to being enacted by Council. Such changes are reviewed to ensure safety and security of the funds.

Meeting Schedule:

Committee meets on an as-needed basis


  • Joseph Wade, (term expires 12/31/21)
  • Gary Bissig, (term expires 12/31/22)
  • Anthony Trotter, (term expires 12/31/23)
  • William Donnelly, (term expires 12/31/24)
  • William Daly, Chief of Police
  • William T. Gildea-Walker, Township Manager
  • Jeffrey H. Woodruff, Police Representative