Soliciting Permits

Soliciting Permits 

1) Permits may be issued for more than one person, but a separate application must be filed for each person on the permit. 

2) Approval will take three (3) to five (5) business days. Any incomplete or missing data on the application will delay the process. The EIN must be included on the application. 

3) A background check from the Pennsylvania Central Repository (State Police via their PATCH online system) must be included with the application. Any false information on the application will result in immediate denial of the application. 

4) If approved, each applicant will provide two (2) passport photos. 

5) The main applicant will be contacted to pick up the permit and ID cards. The fee will be collected at that time. The current fee structure is: $25/day, $100/month, $200/year, plus an additional $10 for each additional ID card issued. 

6) One photo will be retained on file at the police department. The other photo will be laminated into an ID card. All licenses issued by the Police Department of Horsham Township shall be exhibited in clear view by the person soliciting at all times, and it shall not be altered or used by any other person except the applicant and licensee. A permit certificate will be printed and issued. The main applicant must retain this certificate and be able to display it upon request. 

7) The application states the permit “...may be revoked at any time for just cause.” Officers on the street who feel the solicitor has behaved in a manner that should result in the revocation of the permit have the authority to seize the ID card and/or the main permit certificate and turn it over to the Chief of Police. The permit holder (main applicant) may then appeal to the Chief for the return of the permit. 

8) Soliciting is permitted Monday through Saturday during daylight hours. No peddling shall be allowed on Sundays or on any state or federal legal holiday.

The application link for Soliciting/Peddling Permit is list below. Please complete and sign.