Hero Banner Program

Hometown Hero Banner
Hometown Hero Banner Program

The Horsham Township Hometown Heroes Banner Program is a living tribute created for the community to recognize and honor our Horsham Veterans who are serving or are veterans who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces.

To qualify, a Veteran, living or deceased, must have had a connection to Horsham (attended local schools, relative, friend, etc…) at some point in his or her life, also those honored on Horsham War Memorials and Veterans recommended by the local VFW and American Legion Posts.  

The Bannerwill be 24” x 48” heavy vinyl, printed the same on both sides, and will display the service person’s photograph, include their full name, branch of the Military and the era of service (WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc.)  Banners will be displayed from May through Veterans Day in November in observance of all Military Branch birthdays.  Banners will be removed and stored until the same period in the following year at which time they will be redisplayed.

Each Banner requires the Hometown Hero Form to be filled out, a photograph of the Hero in uniform and a payment of $130.00 for each banner, payable to:  Hometown Heroes.

Hometown Hero Banner Cover Letter
Hometown Hero Banner Request Form

Horsham Township Hometown Hero's

 James Joseph Leary
 Horsham Township Library 4/30/18United States Army
 James Patrick Leary Horsham Township Library 4/30/18United States Army
 John R Frock Horsham Township Library 4/30/18United States Army
 SSgt. Edward W. Gehrung Horsham Township Library 4/30/18United States Army
 Katherine E Griffen Horsham Township Library 4/30/18 United States Air Force
 James John Kilfeather Horsham Township Library 4/30/18United States Army
 Wesley J. Rudolph Kohler Park 4/30/18United States Navy
 Arnold F. Masciulli
 Horsham Township Library 5/30/18United States Navy
 Stanely J Mroz Horsham Township Library 5/30/18United States Army
 Giacomo Jack De Blasi Horsham Township Library 5/30/18 United States Army
 Fred Behr Horsham Township Library 7/03/18United States Army
 Anthony Marinucci Horsham Township Library 7/03/18United States Marine Corp
 Fred Plefka Horsham Township Library 7/20/18United States Marine Corp
 James R Doherty Horsham Township Library 8/07/18United States Air Force
 Karl W Bauz Horsham Township Library 8/07/18United States Navy
 Mark S Buber Horsham Township Library 8/07/18United States Marine Corp
 Frank D Strassacker Police Station - On Hold TBDUnited States Army 
Robert Alasevich  Police Station - On Hold TBDUnited States Marine Corp 
 Steven John Labows  Horsham Township Library 5/10/19 United States Navy
 Eric "Ed" Miranda  Horsham Township Library  5/10/19United States Marine Corp 
 Thomas W Powers  Horsham Township Library  5/10/19United States Army 
 Charles E Fulton  Horsham Township Library  5/10/19United States Marine Corp 
 William Beath  Horsham Township Library  5/10/19 United States Navy
 Michael Cooke  Horsham Township Library  5/10/19United States Marine Corp 
 Donald Smith  Horsham Township Library  5/10/19 United States Marine Corp
 Matthew R Hettel Awaiting Banner TBD United States Navy
 John J Kennedy Awaiting Banner  TBDUnited States Army 
 Roy Vernon Anderson Awaiting Banner  TBDUnited States Army  
 Charles H Snyder Awaiting Banner TBD United States Navy
 Paul Llewellyn Spiese Jr Kohler Park5/10/19  United States Navy
 Ray Lawrence Anderson Awaiting Banner  TBDUnited States Marine Corp 
 Harvey Hall Craven Horsham Township Library 5/10/19United States Army

If you have any questions about a banner that you have purchased please call the public works department at 215-672-6913.