MIRIA is a municipal authority formed by Horsham Township, under Act 101 of 2019. Act 101 was introduced by Representative Todd Stephens and signed into law by Governor Wolf on November 27, 2019. Act 101 allows state taxes generated on specific parcels to be directed to MIRIA to assist in reimbursement of cost of remediating PFC contamination associated with military installations. As those remediation costs are reduced, the state provides a mechanism to secure funding for economic development and infrastructure in and around the former NAS-JRB Willow Grove property. 

Executive Board:

  • Todd Stephens, Chair, (term expires 12/31/25) (PA House Member and Appointment)
  • W. William Whiteside, Vice Chair, (term expires 12/31/25) (HLRA Appointment)
  • Thomas Panzer, Secretary, (term expires 12/31/25) (PA House Appointment)
  • Tara Conner-Hallston, (term expires 12/31/24) (HHSD Appointment)
  • Scott DeRosa, (term expires 12/31/25) (PA Senate Appointment)
  • Theresa Harmon, Treasurer (term expires 12/31/25) (PA Senate Appointment)
  • Gregory Nesbitt, (term expires 12/31/24) (Township Council Appointment)

MIRIA Staff:

  • Larry Burns, Executive Director
  • William Gildea-Walker, Deputy Director
  • Mary Eberle, Esq., Solicitor

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